A good environment for all – now and for the future

We at Hjälmarfisk are aware of the need for long-term measures and for changes in today's society, so that future generations will have the opportunity of enjoying the clean and healthy resources of the sea and the lakes, for all eternity. For this reason, Hjälmarfisk is a strong advocate and supporter of the work within MSC certification. MSC guarantees sustainable fisheries, and it is not without a certain degree of pride that we are able to inform that our Pikeperch fishery in Lake Hjälmaren, was the first freshwater fishery in the world to be MSC certified.

Hjälmarfisk is working continually and successfully for a lower consumption of electricity and of water in relation to the quantity produced. All handling of fish waste and sortable waste is carried out according to the requirements and recommendations of the authorities.

Furthermore, we are constantly looking at innovative ways of thinking about the future from an environmentally friendly perspective. We also proudly, since many years, support Barncancerfonden (the Children's Cancer Foundation) in Sweden.